Friday, January 22, 2016


Just finished! Glass mosaic on handmade 3D cement substrate. 25" x 28". These photos also show the piece from the sides to show the 3D areas. And the final photo is a close-up to show the irridescent and dichroic effects of the black glass.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Nude in Blue/Green

This is just finished and is not a commission.
This "Nude in Blue/Green" was an image in my head for a while
so I was finally able to create it.
Glass mosaic on a substrate of Wediboard and styrofoam,
layered with Thinset and mesh, then covered with cement.
20" x 20".

Mosaic Address Sign

Another mosaic commissioned as a Christmas gift.
I was told the recipient has a fun sense of design,
so I designed a funky look to the numbers.
Glass mosaic on 3D cement substrate.
17" wide.

Small Mosaic Hummingbird

A commission for a Christmas present.
Glass mosaic on a cement 3D substrate.
11" wide. 


Friday, November 20, 2015


I was contacted in early November 2015 to be a part of an art project for Oakland Animal Services called "Home is where the heART is". The idea was to have art made of hard-to-adopt animals and then whoever adopted them would receive the art too. Here is a link to the rest of the art 
This was a magical experience from the beginning. First, I was contacted out of the blue. I usually don't like to do free work much anymore, because I have bills to pay! But this was a very worthy project and I love animals. Then the morning I arrived to choose my animal, I saw Bosco and immediately knew he would be a great subject. One of the attributes I believe scares people about pit bulls is that many of them have huge heads. And Bosco was one of them!! But he also had sweet eyes and I knew I wanted to help him find a home. So here he is!
14.5" x 13"
3d cement sculpture on Wediboard
Glass and mirror mosaic

Home Address Commission

I've been busy with some fun commissions this year. Here is one of them. A house address to dress up a drab exterior. An added bonus? This house is in a busy intersection!! 
18" in diameter, 3D cement sculpture on Wediboard, mosaicked with glass and mirror.

October 2015 Class at Institute of Mosaic Art

Another fun and successful class at IMA. I taught students how to make simple but wonderful 3D substrates for mosaic.