Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jazz Cats Mosaic Mural Installation

My latest mural is called "Jazz Cats".

It is on a small backyard garden wall and measures about 10 feet long.

My clients told me they love cats and music so I designed this for them. They let me create it and install it sight unseen. Gotta love clients like that!!!
A finishing touch were the musical notes I added at the end. I happen to know that their third love is baseball so those are the opening notes to
"Take Me Out To The Ball Game". A little subtle humor!

I created the mural on mesh and Easyboard in my studio then installed it in a few hours on site. The process begins with tracing the design onto the wall.

All the pieces are stuck with Thinset and held in place with tape for a little while so they don't slip.

After the Thinset has set - about 24 hours - the next
step is to tape off the entire piece for grouting.
This is my least favorite step!
It is a painstaking process on an intricate design like this.

But once the grouting is done and somewhat set, the "reveal" begins.

Peeling away the tape is my favorite step!
I use a small knife to get into the smaller spaces.

The grout can be left rough by this procedure so I sometimes smooth it out with a popsicle stick.

Here are the "figures" close up:
Two cats and the notes:

The third cat and one of the two guitars:

And Voila!

"Jazz Cats"
Ceramic tile and glass
10 Feet x 1 foot (approx)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Southwest Mosaics Series Begins

Steer Skull
Mirror and stained glass on Easyboard

36" wide x 28" tall

Magic Feathers
Mirror, stained glass, leather and beads on Easyboard
16" - 18" long approx