Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zebra Band Mosaic Commission

This is a recent commission. My client had seen my larger and more complicated "Zebra Band" mosaic and wanted a smaller version. The smaller size also necessitated a less complicated design. And so VOILA!

Zebra Band II
27" x 17"
stained and mirrored glass
July, 2009

My African-American Memorabilia

For my whole life I had thought this guy was a Black Man Cookie jar.
I love him but had no info about him and never had seen another cookie jar like this.
So I wrote about him here hoping to get more info.
Sure enough, a reader left a comment that clears up exactly what this is.
He is a Victorian era humidor. I had no idea!

He was owned by my father's mother - whom I never met - and he sat on our china cabinet for the entire time I lived at home.

He watched over our family's coming and goings with peaceful joy - like a Buddha.
Now he sits on my cabinet and stands watch over us too.

I knew nothing about him except that he is a spectacular piece of sculpture.

Yes, I know he is from a genre that is in questionable taste at best. But I think he is beautifully sculpted and painted. He is not a caricature.

His cigarettes and handkerchief stand out in full relief.

The cloth of his vest opens across his belly and his hand is partially in his jacket pocket.

Attention was even paid to the detail
on the back of his jacket.

This genre may be a mocking one, but the artist was not mocking this person. I think he is beautiful. I have no idea how much he is worth. But he is invaluable to me.
My Black Man Victorian era humidor

10" x 8" approx