Sunday, January 14, 2018

Zebra Mosaic Sculpture

My zebra sculpture is finally done! Glass mosaic over a substrate of styrofoam, fiberglass mesh and cement. He's a big one: 28" x 38" x 12"

The styrofoam base:

The fiberglass mesh is applied:

The final cement coating, and the zebra was ready to mosaic:

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Giraffe Mosaic Sculpture

I really love making sculptures for mosaics. I have been wanting to do a giraffe for a long time so here she is. Gigi the Giraffe stands 44" tall and is a styrofoam substrate covered with fiberglass mesh and cement, then mosaicked with 90 year old china from my great-grandmother.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lizard - a pique assiette mosaic

I am in a show next month, Sept 15 2017 thru November, at The Reclaimed Room in San Francisco's Bayview District. I will be showing older pieces but wanted to make at least one new one. This is a 3 foot long, cement-on-Wediboard handmade substrate mosaicked with figurines, found objects, recycled glass, china and mirror. It's hard to see here but his head is actually lifted, the way a lizard would do.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cow Mosaics

My latest work. The large heads are approx 19"t x 16"w x 2"deep. The calf heads are approx 10"t x 11.5"w x 2" deep. And the full bodies are approx 17" x 16" x 2"

Monday, September 5, 2016

"Jupiter" - Mountain Lion Mosaic Sculpture Commission

I received this commission in July and just delivered her yesterday. The clients, who live in mountain lion territory, are ecstatic. I have to say this turned out very very well!!  I will let the photos tell the story. She is made of styrofoam, covered in fiberglass mesh and cement slurry, then finished with a few layers of cement. The mosaic is glass and Thinset.

 Finished and in situ
 Styrofoam design begins
 Styrofoam core finished
 Wrapping with fiberglass mesh to begin shaping
Mesh covered in cement slurry
 Final substrate finished with a few layers of cement
 The mosaicking begins

She's shaping up!
Mosaicking finished
Grouting day
Final sculpture in place at her forever home
Overlooking the pool
On her rock
Regal girl finished!

Friday, May 20, 2016

"Life Is A Garden" mosaic mural - St John Armenian Apostolic Church, San Francisco

Last summer I was contacted by a member of this congregation to create a mosaic mural with them. After many months of planning and organizing, three mosaic workshops were held in April and May, 2016. 
As many as 60 people, young and old alike, helped to make grape clusters, grape leaves, pomegranates and their leaves, and small birds.
The design incorporated the beautiful imagery of Armenia: a peacock, grape vines, pomegranates and birds.

The images from the workshops were created on mesh. In my studio I laid out the full-size paper pattern and traced it onto Wediboard, in small sections.

Then I simply adhered each mesh piece to the Wedi and then grouted them, to make the final installation easy for me. Above you can see the finished pieces on mesh, and the paper design of the grape vines.
The studio work took over 130 hours but the actual installation took under 25 hours to complete.
Day 1: I wanted to get the paper pattern onto the wall and adhere the heavy and large tree trunk pieces first. The beginning of a project sets the tone and habits for the entire project, I feel.
Day 2: the tree trunk and the pomegranates were up and peacock and Bible quote were being traced onto the wall. The grape vines had already been traced.
Here I am working at taping up the grape vines.
Here was my basic set-up: bucket of water, bucket of Thinset, the mosaic pieces laid out on the correct order, all tidy on a tarp! Each piece is "buttered" with Thinset and adhered to the wall methodically.
Here are some close-ups:

"Life Is A Garden"
18 ft x 12 ft
Glass, tile, pottery, found objects
Completed 5/19/16
St John Armenian Apostolic Church
Olympia Way, San Francisco