Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Dos Coyotes": my latest Southwest-inspired work

This piece began as a commission but then the clients took some time out to think about it. I believed in this design so much that I went ahead and created it anyway. 
I envisioned a cave painting, kind of rough and not fussy. I also wanted to stay away from the typical coyote art: the lone howling animal silhouetted against the full moon. However I always like to give a nod to artistic cliches so in this piece you WILL see a howling coyote and a full moon! 
The two coyote images reminds me of Janus, the god of doors, usually depicted as a two-faced image, one looking forward, the other backward. 
"Dos Coyotes"
36" x 24"
mirror, glass, tile, ceramic
April, 2013

"Unfurled" - a Mosaic Mural in Charlotte, NC

Recently I was one of many mosaic artists invited to be a part of a large mosaic mural headed by Pam Goode, who owns Ciel Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. The design consists of 3 large art-deco-ish flowers designed by Lin Schorr, of Novi, MI. 
My piece is a petal, numbered 2G. We were asked to create our mosaics on mesh using glue. It is approximately 19" across and was specified to consist of the colors, yellow, orange, pinks with hits of purples. So here is my interpretation:
This mural was installed during the Fall of 2013. And here it is finished:

Here are the final dimensions: Flower #1 is 7'1"H x 4'5"W. Flower #2 is 7'11"H x 4'6"W. Flower #3 is 6'7"H x 5'1"W.