Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Batman Trading Cards, Part 1

One of my prized possessions is my collection of
Batman trading cards from the 1960s.

I know, I know, I'm a grown woman - whatever! I love this art!
The colors are vibrant and the action is detailed.
With the new Batman movie due out soon I thought I would share these with you.
I don't really care for the darker and more violent and troubled Batman
we are shown in the recent movies.
I like the old Batman television show
because it had comic-book action for the kids and

tongue-in-cheek humor for the parents. It didn't take itself or the genre too seriously.
I don't have the full set of these, I have 63 of these cards - the set is 55 - but
some of mine are repeats.
I hope you enjoy these. I do!
These cards are Copywrite 1966 National Periodical Publications, Inc.

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Mark said...

Thanks for posting these images! I collected the same cards when I was a kid, around 1966, and I remember they smelled like the bubble gum that came wrapped in each pack (for 5 cents). I lost all of them, along with my GI Joes and other things, to the ravages of little brothers, so it's a treat to see them again after all these years. Sure brings back memories!