Monday, June 30, 2008

A Plague of Frogs in Jingletown!

What's happening?Frogs are everywhere!It appears that Jingletown - that den of iniquity - has called a plague of frogs down upon itself! Here are some actual photos of the little critters.
They're everywhere! And you know how frogs are - where there's one, more are bound to follow!
Here was an innocent blank space, just sitting there minding it's own business and look what happened:
Take a walk around the 'hood and see if you can find all of them. Keep your eyes open - soon there will be more.

This work is dedicated to all the good people in Jingletown - Russ, Stacy, Saundra, Cynthia, Fernando, Susan, Heather, etc - who have welcomed me onto their "team"!


FLOAT, Floatation Center - Art Gallery said...

Oh my, lions, and tigers & frogs!

Stacy Alexander said...


I love their subtle they aren't all up in your face.

I hope to see more...and closer to home!


sucra said...

Kim! These are terrific! I bet the 'hood is digging them! Next time I'm down there, I'm gonna want a walking-tour map to all of them!