Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am always at my most inspired during October and the days leading up to All Hallow's Eve. The days get chillier, the nights longer, the winds rustle the dry leaves and everything becomes a little spookier. Over the years I have created many Halloween-inspired drawings. These are all done in pencil and are all approximately 18" x 24". Enjoy!"Pumpkin Moon"

"Trick Or Treat"

"Fortune Teller"

"Three Witches"

This one is a "Day of the Dead" tribute to my grandparents. In this drawing they are surrounded by the things they loved in life: my grandmother by her baking and knitting; my grandfather by his garden and his pipe.

"Ol' Scratch"


AVenefica said...

Brilliant - all your work is - but Halloween is my fav. too. Thanks for sharing your genius.

Stacy Alexander said...

"Fortune Teller" is the one i love most. This time of year has always been special for me, too, although living out here in California, I miss the seasonal changes that mark the near onset of winter.

Your work is beautiful, Kim, and always inspiring. Thanks for sharing it.


Bee said...

These drawings are fantastic - excellent scenes, wonderfully executed. I stumbled across your blog searching for 'alice in wonderland, late rabbits'and found your March post! You ought to post some of your drawings on 'Illustration Friday';

Regards, Bee

Elisa ! said...

Hey, I'm Finnish girl;)) I found your page by searching google halloween piirustuskia. Cool yes, I am going to just start drawing itself: D I can understand English to some extent, because in Finland, each read English at school, it is mandatory:)

Bryan said...

Would love to see some high res. of these pencil drawings.