Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jill Gibson

As people know, I have a special place in my heart for Jingletown, a small neighborhood in Oakland. I love the name. It comes from back in the day when the working men walked home on Friday nights, jingling their pay in the pockets - hoping to attract the ladies! Nowadays it is an urban Mayberry - filled with artists living in live/work lofts who 
have covered the 'hood with art. I am also one of those artists 
who has mosaics on the walls there.
Jingletown is also where I have participated in Open Studios for the past 5 years. I have mostly shown at the 4:20 Gallery on Peterson Street with a small group of artists. One of those artists is Jill Gibson. She is a quiet woman who exudes a calm grace. She was once a model and a songwriter. And her art is gorgeous. 
She makes sculptural pieces to hang on your wall. All of them include scenes from nature but her best ones, I think, are of the female form. 
These are reminiscent of ancient goddess sculptures.  
I own one of them and love it! 
She also does paintings, photography and much more.
Many of her original art works are in the private collections of  
Max Factor,  Guy Webster, Michael Savage, The Seattle Museum, 
Jack Nicholson, and a fifteen foot 
photo montage in The Los Angeles Free Clinic. Who knew, while hanging out at the 4:20 with her?!?!
Well, one rainy boring day, I happened to Google Jill's name. Lo and behold - I got a lot more then I planned on. It turns out that this shy woman has a life story! She was, for a short time, a member of the Mama's and Papa's singing group. But there is more too!
Below are the links to her Wikipedia site and also her website. Enjoy!
Jill Gibson is just one more reason why I love Jingletown....a place filled with characters and a surprise around every corner!
Jill Gibson's Wikipedia page
Jill Gibson's Website

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Stacy Alexander said...

Very cool that you wrote about Jill, Kim! I, for one, am a big fan. She is immensely talented. I plan to buy one of her pieces one of these days.