Monday, September 5, 2016

"Jupiter" - Mountain Lion Mosaic Sculpture Commission

I received this commission in July and just delivered her yesterday. The clients, who live in mountain lion territory, are ecstatic. I have to say this turned out very very well!!  I will let the photos tell the story. She is made of styrofoam, covered in fiberglass mesh and cement slurry, then finished with a few layers of cement. The mosaic is glass and Thinset.

 Finished and in situ
 Styrofoam design begins
 Styrofoam core finished
 Wrapping with fiberglass mesh to begin shaping
Mesh covered in cement slurry
 Final substrate finished with a few layers of cement
 The mosaicking begins

She's shaping up!
Mosaicking finished
Grouting day
Final sculpture in place at her forever home
Overlooking the pool
On her rock
Regal girl finished!

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