Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bill Silveira, Jingletown Junk Artist

Slightly curmudgeonly, a bit on the eccentric side, with a maniacal enthusiasm for the automobile since his early youth, Bill Silveira enjoys making art out of discarded auto parts, rusty scrap metal, and other unique items that seem to find their way into his vast collection of interesting and eclectic junk.A resident of Oakland's Jingletown arts district since the early 1990's, Bill likes to think of himself as "Sanford and Son-ish with a slightly twisted bent." When not working on his welded metal sculptures, you may find him with a paintbrush in hand creating something usually inspired by the automobile with acrylic paints.
Additionally, this semi-retired used car dealer is also well known in the filming industry as the guy who can provide you with just about anything you need from classic cars to caskets for your shoot. It's also been rumored that he's worked for wine and cheese in his not-so-distant past, but that fact hasn't been wholly substantiated just yet.These pieces are now showing at the Jingletown Art Show at ProArts Gallery, 550 2nd Street, Oakland, CA from March 18 through April 25. You can contact Bill at

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Stacy Alexander said...

We just got back from our second round of artful enjoyment at this show. Loved Bill's work. Glad you posted this!