Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cris Melo / Meloearth

As you can tell if you've looked at my entire blog, I like artistically rendered female nudes. Not porn - never porn. But female nudes, tastefully and respectfully done, are not necessarily easy to find! I discovered Cris Melo's art on Flickr and it's just my cup of tea! Cris was born in Brazil and now lives on the East Coast of the US. But as you can see, her paintings are infused with the warmth and playfulness of Latin America. The flowing lines and her choice of colors express the female form with unpretentious joy."My method in art is to simply allow my moods to direct my creativity, wherever it wants to go. I feel that I'm merely an instrument through which the artistic process evolves. Through the use of bright, upbeat colors, I hope that my art is able to transport the viewer above the daily grind and into a world of freedom within. I love that my art seems to make people smile."You can learn more and see more art on her website


Stacy Alexander said...

I love how she has played on famous art pieces with bits and pieces in her own art, yet has kept her own style and integrity. Thanks for turning me on to this artist, Kim. That Frida mermaid is wonderful!


Cris Melo, of said...

Dear Kim,

I only now noticed that you have an "h" in my name. Would you mind taking that off? It's just Cris, no "h". I appreciate this post...I often see it when I go a search for my name online. Thank you for your kindness in featuring my artwork!

Hope all is well!