Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rachel Maddow Widow

Alright already. Enough with Maddow Madness! Has anyone else out there become a Rachel Maddow widow besides me?
It's starts at 5:55pm in my home - just as Keith Olberman's show is ending and he is on some wonderfully crazy, only half coherent, rant. From some other part of the house, my partner will come a-running. And she runs even faster if she has lost track of time and I have to actually remind her that Rachel Maddow is on. She will plop onto the couch and a totally loony starry-eyed look will cross her face. No sooner has this latest tv talking head started to tell us the news then my partner will start saying things like: "she is so cute"... or "she has such great hair"..."her eyes are so sparkly"...and "you could wear your hair like that"....or "she has nice eyebrows"! The worst: "why aren't you that smart?" And all these things are said in such a googly-eyed fashion that I wonder where my normally down-to-earth, not-impressed-by-much girlfriend of 24 years has gone!
Okay so she's a Rhodes Scholar, PhD, Oxford graduate and has a red truck. I have a green truck! I can lift heavy things! And I have a good hair day once in a while myself!
Drat you Maddow! I was doing just great with my girlfriend, being able to crush beer cans on my forehead. But now? Nooooooo, that just won't do anymore. Now I have to KNOW things! And even be able to make intelligent conversation! Thanks for nothing, Maddow!
Darn you.
Okay, maybe I'll try to get my hair to look like that. It is kinda nice looking.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I am always at my most inspired during October and the days leading up to All Hallow's Eve. The days get chillier, the nights longer, the winds rustle the dry leaves and everything becomes a little spookier. Over the years I have created many Halloween-inspired drawings. These are all done in pencil and are all approximately 18" x 24". Enjoy!"Pumpkin Moon"

"Trick Or Treat"

"Fortune Teller"

"Three Witches"

This one is a "Day of the Dead" tribute to my grandparents. In this drawing they are surrounded by the things they loved in life: my grandmother by her baking and knitting; my grandfather by his garden and his pipe.

"Ol' Scratch"

Dragonfly House Tattoo

I just finished a small commission for a neighbor.

She is a fan of dragonflies and so wanted one "tattooed" onto her house.

I made this small mosaic out of mirror and stained glass, adhered it to her stucco house and grouted it in place.
Check out the symbolic meaning of dragonflies.