Monday, April 9, 2012

Hand Of God Mosaic

This design is an ancient one. 
It comes from the Middle East and is common among all 3 big religions there. Christians call it the Hand of Mary, Jews know if as the Hand of God or the Hand of Miriam (Moses' sister), and Muslims refer to it as the Hand of Fatima (Mohammed's daughter). It is also called a Hamsa. I have always known it as the Hand of Fatima.
It is widely used as an talisman to ward off evil and to bring good fortune. It is also extremely common in jewelry.
I am working on a series of them for the upcoming Open Studios here in Jingletown, the neighborhood also known as the Oakland Riviera!!
Each hand is made of glass and mirror, is approximately 12" tall and the substrate is wood.
You may notice that some have chains and metal objects hanging from them. I'm experimenting!

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Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Kim,

Will you please reserve the second one from the bottom for me?