Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland CA

There is a park-like place in Oakland, California, where people go to jog, walk their dogs, take photos or just sit and contemplate the gorgeous views around them. But it isnt a park, it is a cemetery. This particular cemetery was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the designer of NY's Central Park, the Stanford University grounds, Yosemite Park, among many others. You can see his rolling, flowing design philosophy here. 

He believed that the straight lines of modern industry and the flowing curves of nature could coexist. And here they do.

This huge plot of land sits in the middle of the city and 
commands views of downtown Oakland all the 
way to SF in the west.
For anyone who loves touching history, revering ancestors, 
discovering sculpture or being a little spooked, 
this place has it all. 
Begun in 1863, you can see graves from the Civil War onward. 
This is the Civil War site where they have a yearly 
presentation on Memorial Day.

There are whole families buried together...

Or little children buried separately.


And who is Beulah with no last name? 

There is Millionaire's Row of mausoleums for some of the most 
famous names in Bay Area history.

Everyone knows Ghirardelli...

But there are also Merritt, Crocker and many others. 
Among this Millionaires Row is also a Pyramid-shaped mausoleum.

Far from being just a historic relic, this place is still alive with tours, 
presentations and new site developments.
Learn more at Mountain View Cemetery

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