Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Private Mosaic Mural Lesson for Anne Marie Price, SAMA Scholarship Recipient

In November 2014, I hosted Anne Marie Price for a two day intensive on mosaic mural making techniques. Anne Marie had won the Society of American Mosaic Artist's scholarship and chose to use a part of it to have me teach her the basics. I was thrilled! Anne Marie proved to be a fun person with a lot of innate artistic skills! She was here for three days during which we did a tour of local mosaic murals and shopped for and learned about new mosaic materials. Before she came, I had given AM some homework: she was to bring two mosaic flowers on mesh to be installed on a cement garden wall. While here, she learned to clean and evaluate a wall, do a skim coat of cement or Thinset to even out the wall's imperfections, use Thinset (and Bonder - my technique) to adhere the art to the wall, and also make an impromptu tile mosaic for the wall. We also discussed the several ways to create mural art and transfer it to a wall. Anne Marie learned about proper body mechanics for using materials, power tools and during installation. The actual pieces added to the wall were small but the education was huge!

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