Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting started

Hey there and welcome to my blog! I've been an artist my whole life and have made a living as a graphic artist - most recently in the clothing design industry. It's lucky to be an artist and to at least be able to make a living at something related - like graphic art. Mostly I'll be using this blog to display my art. I have a lot of it and I think it's great to have a venue like this to show it off.
I love to draw and most recently have discovered mosaics..... They se
em to be real crowd-pleasers! I chose to explore female nudes because our bodies have the beautiful left-to-right hourglass shape but also front-to-back three-dimensional volume. In all my art I love achieving that look of volume. I think the flow that I can achieve using glass really brings out the lines and volume of the female body. Working in glass mosaics - especially mirror - is almost like working in light. A lot of colors and shapes are hidden and subtle unless you view these pieces in the right light. And the look of them changes depending on what angle you approach them. My pieces can be subtle and surprising, much like women themselves, ay?

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Stacy Alexander said...

You rock!! Looks great, Kim!