Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Randy Ottenberg Parenti

Randy is a Mixed Media artist living in Mill Valley, California. For years she has balanced her art life with her job as a model-maker at Industrial Light and Magic. Her models appeared in movies as varied as ET, War of the Worlds, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible among many others. Randy is a uniquely original American artist. She has a truly unique style developed over 30 years and uses a plethora of materials to express her vision of familiar subjects. She is influenced by the American landscape - from deserts of the Southwest to Florida to her beloved New Jersey shore. Randy conveys intensely personal, intuitive, dream-like images with just about anything she can attach to a canvas. She produces a rich palate of color and texture that makes for a sensual viewing experience.
Her art is playful and joyful in all it's 3-dimensional glory!
Check out her website www.newamericanart.com
You won't be sorry!
All images shown here are ©Randy Ottenberg Parenti

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Stacy Alexander said...

Whoa! What a cool artist...and what a great job!