Friday, February 15, 2008

The Sounds of Color

I am one of those people who can hear color...I can also see the colors of numbers and the days of the week. When I hug someone or get a massage, I am engulfed in colors swirling behind my eyes created by the feeling of being touched. I have only met one other person like this so far in my life. It's called Synesthesia and is a wonderful way to experience life, I think. I love to blow a person away when, while getting a massage, I say "you are giving me purples and blues!" I was well into adulthood before I found out that this is a very rare condition - and is very cool!
I think my mosaic nudes capture the "sound" of the flowing lines and voluptuous fullness of a woman's body. People react to that experience and can rarely put it into words while kindly complimenting me on the "lay patterns" of the glass or the "3 dimensional look" I can achieve. I love to give the viewer a "feeling" like that. I have always known that art has to get beyond a person's intellectual reactions and hit them somewhere else - between the eyes, below the belt, in the first and second chakras....just somewhere NOT in their minds.

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Stacy Alexander said...

I am one of those people, too...though much, much less so since I moved to the Bay Area. Something negative happened to me my ability to see color and to be as in tuned with myself and others as I used to be. I know that once I remove myself from this negative "force field" I have encountered, it will come back to me.

Since I was a small child, I could see colors in and around people and animals, through music, even in certain environments...especially out in nature.