Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rock Frog, the First

Okay enough vacationing! Back to mosaics. I've been using mirror and stained glass in my mosaics from the beginning - which hasn't been very long really. But recently I have been getting sick of the man-made look of it - the shininess and the colors that aren't found in nature. And it's been getting a little too easy to do too. I've started wanting to use more earthy materials. So on vacation I gathered pebbles and rocks from the Cape Cod beaches I visited and brought them home to the West Coast.
My first attempt with them is this Rock Frog.
My vision was to juxtapose the rough, raw natural material with the refined and shiny glass. And I wanted to make it look like the frog was materializing out of the wall so I used a grout color that matched the cement color. It didn't turn out perfectly but this is an experiment for me and I will keep working on this "look". I have to admit I love working on these outdoor mosaics! I want this style of frog to be more of a surprise when the viewer comes upon it - not to be just this shiny decoration stuck to the wall but to be more of a challenge to see and understand what it is. Rock Frog 1
Mirror, glass and pebbles
22" tall approximately


Stacy Alexander said...

Hey you!

First chance I've had to read your blog or write since I got to Napa. Having a great time here, by the way. Loving your new frog. Next thing I know, you'll be making an asphalt frog....then a brick frog...then a stucco frog. teee heeee.

Loved all of the Cape Cod picts and the fish rubbings. Great posts...Great blog.

Back to my wine now. Be back in Oaktown on the 15th...or is it the 13th? I can't remember.


Monika Dubska said...

waw this is amazing! you have really inspired me to start making mosaics!
hope to hear from you,
take care!

Monika ♥
love the blog :)

Calico1234AK said...

good morning
i think seeing your wonderful work sprinkled around Jingle town....
is an amazing showing of possibly your inner feelings....meaning vivid/bright colors, sparkle and just plain ole....Happy to me Here!

ah yes... cape is a place i will go...maybe if i get off my fa and just go...because of the reminds of a nice movie..that certainly's true romantic and tender side...

enjoy the long weekend

ciao, be well and take care