Monday, September 29, 2008

Jingletown = Mosaicville!

Another mosaic has been added to Jingletown in Oakland. Actually it's the face of Saundra Warren's famous planter at 2908 Glascock at Peterson, written about in a previous post! This time it's an underwater theme inspired by a recent visit to the Monterey Aquarium. An exhibit there features a huge fish tank with a huge school of sardines swimming among many other types of large fish. Watching the school of sardines swim is like watching a silver lava lamp! They were mesmerizing. So these fish are made with mirror which is adhered at different angles to the substrate. They really catch the light as the viewer walks or rides by to make the fish appear to be swimming. Here are some closeups:
RightSo here it is before...and here it is after!The finished front is 66" x 41". It is made with Saundra's beautiful handmade leaf tiles, standing in as seaweed, and mirror mosaics on Easyboard substrate.

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