Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Cat In Tall Grass" Mosaic Sculpture

 Continuing my newfound interest in sculpting for mosaics 
is my latest one: "Cat In Tall Grass".

This guy is 32" tall. My initial vision was to mosaic him totally in purple glass. I love the effect of that particular color because it appears to be black until you get in into the right light. I think of it as a metaphor for so many things: you can't see it until you really look! I like much of my mosaics to be that way. You only really see them when you take time to linger and look. 

 As it turned out, I already had on hand a lot of green glass but only a little purple. So I rethought my design and decided that this guy would be hiding in the grass. He even has a bee buzzing around the back of his head!

I initially set out to create a pleasing shape that had 
popped into my head. I pretty much achieved it!

Here he is, in situ.

Cat In Tall Grass
December, 2010
Cement sculpture with glass and mirror mosaic
32" tall x 44" around x 16" wide

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Stacy Alexander said...

Kim!!! I hadn't seen this until today! Great ca't mosaic!! I'm wild about that blue color as well. In fact, it is my favorite color. I think it has a lot of power.

So happy to see all of theis new work you are creating.