Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mosaic Stairs - Dawn's Sunrise

My latest work is a mosaic on the front staircase of a home. These were the stairs before:
Here are the stairs after:
My client wanted to paint and beautify the front of her house and wanted a piece of art that would make her happy when she comes home. The design had to be easily readable "chopped up" as it would be on the front of each riser with a thick "lip" separating each image.She and I went through a few design ideas - a tree, a butterfly - but settled on a sunrise. The clients first name is Dawn so we thought this would be TOTALLY perfect!!

 I worked on mesh in my studio. I had some fits and starts at the beginning trying to figure out a lay pattern for the sun. But I was able to settle on one style for the sun (small squares of color)...

 and a more traditional pattern (triangles) for the "rays"- along with different colors of mirror for sparkle!
I finished the studio work pretty quickly but had to wait through several rainstorms for a good dry stretch to be able to do the installation and grouting. Here is my set-up for the installation...
...and for the next day's grouting.
Here are several photos of the finished piece from different angles:

  Dawn dropped by last evening with a wonderful heartfelt note of thanks and a little metal box shaped like a Hamsa for me. I have been very lucky with the type of people who have commissioned me to create artwork for them!!

Dawn's Sunrise 
7 separate mosaics of 54" x 4" each. 
Kim Larson   2012

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