Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Buggy Garden Mosaic - Installation Day.

In the previous post, I showed you a little bit about the creation of this mural for the Hug A Bug Preschool in El Cerrito, California. The next step was the installation - always a mix of fear and excitement. 
 The key for me is to be organized. The first step was to prepare the artwork by cutting it into manageable pieces in my studio and packing it safely for travel (in the back of my truck!). I also have a written list of materials that I consult so that I dont forget anything.
When I arrive, I lay out my Thinset and mixing materials near the water and electricity, being careful to lay a tarp down first. Then I take the artwork and the installation materials to the actual site. Again I carefully lay out a tarp under the wall space. 
 In this instance Nancy had already gotten a handyman to create a place for the art using Hardibacker board and even made a "frame" for the art out of wood. The size is 6' x 3'.
I begin the process of measuring the wall, taping my design to it perfectly centered and taping off the wood around it so I dont make a mess.
 And then it is just a matter of troweling the Thinset onto the wall, adhering a piece, troweling Thinset onto the next section of wall, adhering the next piece, etc. 

 And voila! Finished and drying. Next step? Grouting.

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